Time Flies…

Time certainly flies! Corny but true.

Well,the school year is almost over, give or take a day or two..just had a rainy Sports Day,  with an Olympic Theme of course! But fun was had by one and all regardless of rain, and ooodles and oodles of medals! ( Yes, I did get a medal..Gold no less…it wasn’t a three-legged race either! ) I didn’t actually compete, hee, hee, hee – it was just an award for staff members, for their help in organizing the events.

I have been attending this schools Sports Days for a very, very long time…my daughter was four when she was a pupil here, at the  school where I now work, she will be 20 in 7 days time! When did that happen? Scary stuff! I feel so old!

Like I said..Time Flies..

Here I am thinking about Christmas Designs, stop groaning! It will be upon us before we know it, I know, I know, we haven’t really had summer yet! But it’s kind of inevitable, in about 23 weeks time, that’s about 161 days it’ll all be over! Christmas that is! Summer has well and truly done a runner, as it were!

So, I’ve been looking at images and ideas for Christmas Cards and Gift Tags and no its never too early!

In fact my sister and other members of my family secretly ( ..and yes,it’s a very BADLY kept secret –  I’ve known this for a while now! ) take bets as to when I’ll send my first card out….handmade, of course!

Take a look at my workspace ! Its strange, but true, I actually work better like this!

My Work Space ?

Whilst I’m busy creating I sometimes do forget to eat! So, when my daughter ( all grown up, back from uni for the summer, ‘What summer would that be, then?’ ) is around, the cooking is mostly left to her! Makes me sound like a horrid mother, I know, but she does enjoy cooking !

This is what I was presented with last night! Mussels in white wine, served with tagliatelle…mmmmmmmmmmmm


On that note, I shall retire for the evening, shattered after todays Sports Day..