Summertime Blues

Its been a strange few days..not quite sure why though.

Maybe its the fact that everyone is so engrossed in OLYMPICS stuff & I’m not really a sports fan? ( Is it over yet?!)

Even on a trip to the London Studios to see Gino & Mel do Christmas. ( Yeah, I know its August, but in tv-land, it was 12th December..) Mr-warm-up-guy was definitely a sports fan! …I just wanted to watch Gino cook – Christmas Breakfast and Crispy Potatoes and Roast Beef, even though I don’t eat red meat it looked yummy!

Unfortunately the vegetarian option was to be filmed the following day – my daughter has been a vegetarian since moving to uni in Canterbury, and the cousin I went along to the studios with has been a vegetarian for about 20 years.

I seem to have hit a creativity block, does that even make sense? So that doesn’t help either…feeling a bit blurgh! (that’s my daughter speaking) but I just have to pull my socks up and get on with it! (Thats my mother there..)

So this coming week I’ll mostly be locked up at home crafting like crazy!..

I have however been ever-present on Facebook & Twitter, so I have been networking and therefore don’t feel too bad!

Thank you to all the lovely crafty followers on my Facebook page HopeLovesJohnnie!

London Studios

It’s Christmas!