Twenty Years Ago

Oh my God! Don’t I feel ancient?!

Twenty years ago last Wednesday – my lovely daughter was born!

I cannot believe where the years have gone.There was I in my little room at Guys Hospital, South East London after an emergency cesarean looking at this tiny little bundle  and just wanting to go home with her; I couldn’t for about 5 days…the longest 5 days ever!

I am a North London Girl – born at the Royal Free, and even though I work  and live south of the river ( have done since 1989) I still feel that home is North London; actually – once I get to the  roundabout by Highbury & Islington Station, I feel like I’m home (I don’t know why exactly – but there it is!)

I’m happiest walking along Upper Street..Brockley ( where I now live ) is lovely, but – Islington is where I grew up..

So much has happened – but, it still seems like only yesterday.

I remember her first day at school, at the age of four. I remember how tiny she was and she now towers over me ( not hard  to do I’m 5ft in old money, ha ha ha).

I  remember leaving her at uni last year…and thinking how grown up she was when she was home for a month at Christmas! And now she’s sending me recipes to try, like the cinnamon rolls that I made for the first time ever – her Birthday Breakfast Treat!

And next year there’s the 21st to think about…ideally I would love to take her to Paris..I guess I may need to sell a few pairs of earrings  and maybe a dozen or so cards to fund this?

I have had a day off today ,though! I submitted my spreadsheet module yesterday – before going to Stratford Westfield to watch a movie and have a bite to two days off really!

I will buckle down tomorrow and craft a little. There’s a few things I want to try out – but I need some blank canvases and old books so might have to make do with just making up some Christmas designs, instead.

I have had  a busy few weeks though – in my mind I’m trying to justify the lack of crafting these last few days – so maybe , I’m allowed a couple of days off?

Anyhow, I’m off to finish off that chocolate cake! (…and not an athlete in sight..!)

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