Picture this…

Last day at work for this school year…it’s been ultra manic this term – so much going on, not just at school but at home ( Brockley ) and away ( Canterbury, where my daughter lives during term time ) and with both my part-time ( pays some of the bills ) job – in Primary School, and also HopeLovesJohnnie – where I get to play & create lots and lots and lots!

Someone has just asked me to list something on eBay for them, as they don’t have an eBay account or a PayPal one. Me being me I said No Problem, just email me a picture and details, price, postage etc and I will do this for you…

I just got a text sent to my phone ( picture) of the item I said I would list…no details, or price, or what they would expect for post and packing…and the item?…Still in a huge cardboard box!  I can’t even see it, at all! Seriously?

Was I speaking in a different language when we discussed this earlier?

This is from a fairly intelligent person, too! ..

On the subject of pictures, I saw this earlier on Twitter.



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