Its a Small World…..

A little while ago I attended some workshops run by LEAN Lewisham Arts Education Network– and met some very talented people, one of which I discovered lives about 10 doors away from me…I’ve only lived in this flat for nearly 2 years!

So, last week when Brockley had  its yearly Open Studio event, I visited my friend from 10 doors away – she’s an artist. ( Very talented, too! )…brilliant stuff!

Earlier today another neighbour, this time a little nearer home, next door  to be exact, told me how she knew someone who also knew me?

My next door neighbour also did some work with the Open Studio friend; in fact the only reason Lady Next Door hadn’t been involved in the Open Studio this year ..was because she was exhibiting in another  part of London. Lady Next Door is an artist, too!

Small World, huh?

I work part-time in a local Primary School ( well 20 minute walk each morning and more like 30 minute walk at the end of the day, hee, hee,hee! ) and each day I pass the same lady on her way to work.

On Thursday , Lady from Nunhead approached me and asked me if I wanted to attend School Fair that she was organising…or if I wanted to run a stall? thank you Lady from Nunhead

Yesterday a friend I hadn’t seen for a while told me she’s organising a School Fair – different school – did I want to run a stall?…

Disney, Magic Kingdom, Florida…Its a Small World…I remember this so well, my then 4-year-old ( she’s now almost 20! ) loved it so very much…

And yes, it IS an extremely small world!

Kaytrina ♥


Getting Ready for that Summer Fayre?!

Well would you believe I am preparing for a Summer Fayre? Unfortunately the weather has been anything but sunny! But still one can only hope that the sun will be shining down on us on Saturday!

It’s the Annual Summer Event at Edmund Waller Primary School in South London. Never had a stall at this one, so not quite sure what to expect. Not the school that my daughter attended, although its local to us.

It rained down on everyone at Hilly Fields ( Brockley ) last weekend, yet the Lewisham Markets Event in May was dry, if a tad windy! What a strange time of year!

I’m attempting to work through my Vision2learn course, online (10 hours a week, seriously? Are you kidding?? More like 20!), plus craft like crazy and hold down my part-time job ( that’s a misconception! 22 hours turns into 30 – at  least, very easily!)  in yet another local Primary School.

Ideally, I have to be up in about 5 and half hours..hee, hee, hee…

Why do I ask  myself ,”Am I always so broke when there really is no resting for this wicked little woman?” It’s hardly my frivolous nature? So,here I am trying to claw a little back.

Already I’m thinking about Christmas Card Designs – and decorations; I’m so pleased I attended the bauble making workshop at Homemade London last year..ready to make up my next batch of sparkly decs!

Guess its time for some shut-eye, so I shall leave you with some pics to look at…

Not just for Christmas!

These were so popular and very therapeutic to make!

Sleep well,


Punk Monster

This is Findlay, the adorable Punk Monster.