Summertime Blues

Its been a strange few days..not quite sure why though.

Maybe its the fact that everyone is so engrossed in OLYMPICS stuff & I’m not really a sports fan? ( Is it over yet?!)

Even on a trip to the London Studios to see Gino & Mel do Christmas. ( Yeah, I know its August, but in tv-land, it was 12th December..) Mr-warm-up-guy was definitely a sports fan! …I just wanted to watch Gino cook – Christmas Breakfast and Crispy Potatoes and Roast Beef, even though I don’t eat red meat it looked yummy!

Unfortunately the vegetarian option was to be filmed the following day – my daughter has been a vegetarian since moving to uni in Canterbury, and the cousin I went along to the studios with has been a vegetarian for about 20 years.

I seem to have hit a creativity block, does that even make sense? So that doesn’t help either…feeling a bit blurgh! (that’s my daughter speaking) but I just have to pull my socks up and get on with it! (Thats my mother there..)

So this coming week I’ll mostly be locked up at home crafting like crazy!..

I have however been ever-present on Facebook & Twitter, so I have been networking and therefore don’t feel too bad!

Thank you to all the lovely crafty followers on my Facebook page HopeLovesJohnnie!

London Studios

It’s Christmas!


Twenty Years Ago

Oh my God! Don’t I feel ancient?!

Twenty years ago last Wednesday – my lovely daughter was born!

I cannot believe where the years have gone.There was I in my little room at Guys Hospital, South East London after an emergency cesarean looking at this tiny little bundle  and just wanting to go home with her; I couldn’t for about 5 days…the longest 5 days ever!

I am a North London Girl – born at the Royal Free, and even though I work  and live south of the river ( have done since 1989) I still feel that home is North London; actually – once I get to the  roundabout by Highbury & Islington Station, I feel like I’m home (I don’t know why exactly – but there it is!)

I’m happiest walking along Upper Street..Brockley ( where I now live ) is lovely, but – Islington is where I grew up..

So much has happened – but, it still seems like only yesterday.

I remember her first day at school, at the age of four. I remember how tiny she was and she now towers over me ( not hard  to do I’m 5ft in old money, ha ha ha).

I  remember leaving her at uni last year…and thinking how grown up she was when she was home for a month at Christmas! And now she’s sending me recipes to try, like the cinnamon rolls that I made for the first time ever – her Birthday Breakfast Treat!

And next year there’s the 21st to think about…ideally I would love to take her to Paris..I guess I may need to sell a few pairs of earrings  and maybe a dozen or so cards to fund this?

I have had a day off today ,though! I submitted my spreadsheet module yesterday – before going to Stratford Westfield to watch a movie and have a bite to two days off really!

I will buckle down tomorrow and craft a little. There’s a few things I want to try out – but I need some blank canvases and old books so might have to make do with just making up some Christmas designs, instead.

I have had  a busy few weeks though – in my mind I’m trying to justify the lack of crafting these last few days – so maybe , I’m allowed a couple of days off?

Anyhow, I’m off to finish off that chocolate cake! (…and not an athlete in sight..!)

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Picture this…

Last day at work for this school year…it’s been ultra manic this term – so much going on, not just at school but at home ( Brockley ) and away ( Canterbury, where my daughter lives during term time ) and with both my part-time ( pays some of the bills ) job – in Primary School, and also HopeLovesJohnnie – where I get to play & create lots and lots and lots!

Someone has just asked me to list something on eBay for them, as they don’t have an eBay account or a PayPal one. Me being me I said No Problem, just email me a picture and details, price, postage etc and I will do this for you…

I just got a text sent to my phone ( picture) of the item I said I would list…no details, or price, or what they would expect for post and packing…and the item?…Still in a huge cardboard box!  I can’t even see it, at all! Seriously?

Was I speaking in a different language when we discussed this earlier?

This is from a fairly intelligent person, too! ..

On the subject of pictures, I saw this earlier on Twitter.


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Kaytrina ♥